Mixed Flavours (16 Pack)

Mixed Flavours (16 Pack)

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Get the best of the bunch with a mixed 16-pack of cans. You'll get four of each flavour.

Sparkling Ginger

Apples, pears and ginger are brewed just like a ginger beer.
Sweet, zesty and spicy.
8% Alc/Vol

Sparkling Lemonade
This hard lemonade will blow your mind with its zesty deliciousness! Loyal to our heritage and true to our craft, we've used lemons from our 80 year old orchards in the Perth Hills for this mighty fine creation.
8% Alc/Vol

Sparkling Berry & Lime
This blissful elixir combines berries with apples, pears and a burst of lime to produce the ultimate semi-sweet cider.
8% Alc/Vol

Cloudy Apple 
This crisp natural-style cider uses multiple apple varieties to produce a tart apple finish.
5% Alc/Vol